Our Vision

Our vision is to develop healthy disciples of Jesus Christ. Period. We believe healthy disciples of Christ will inevitably transform the world around them. To be healthy, each of us needs to know God and have strong relationships with one another (face-to-face with God and people). Also, we need to be equipped to fulfill our individual calling and to minister in love and power to the people we encounter on a daily basis.  

Our Values

the presence of god

The presence of God is our number one. Without His activity in our midst, church would be boring and stale. We believe He longs to manifest Himself when we gather. In His presence, miracles, healing, love, and encouragement flow. We want our meetings to be times when we each meet with God “face-to-face.” 


The kingdom of God is first of all a family affair. More than a business or even an army of spiritual warriors, church should be a family. Because of this, our connection to one another is an important core value for us. We encourage people to develop meaningful, authentic relationships with one another. We believe the body of Christ is all too often disjointed and disconnected. Yet, life flows best when we truly know one another in community.

equipping for life and ministry

Our third primary value is equipping. We believe church should be a place where we are all equipped to live victorious lives in Christ. We should live unhindered by sin, shame, discouragement, confusion, anxiety, fear, and anything else that detracts from our destiny as children of God. Not only do we equip people to live victoriously, but we also equip them to minister to the world around them. At Face to Face, people have the opportunity to discover and develop their unique spiritual gifts and callings, often learning to move in the prophetic and healing ministries. All of this leads to experiencing and releasing more of God’s Kingdom in our world.